tech better, with acorn.

acorn gives you tools to make your line-of-business software better, faster

our mission, in a nutshell.

We aim to make a world where businesses are empowered to manage their own software without every business having to make technology one of their core competencies. A world where every business has a unique platform that amplifies their competitive advantage, orbited by a set of replaceable satellite SaaS packages that take care of their undifferentiated heavy lifting. A world where the data that matters can be unlocked for AI to find new opportunities or efficiencies.

Our first product, acorn, is a design tool and consulting process. Online or onsite, our team helps you discover your information architecture by creating a blueprint of your business. Turn that architecture directly into software using our world-class tooling.

  • Discover requirements
  • Preserve domain expertise
  • Document processes
  • Focus on core competencies
  • Standardize interactions
  • Unlock data science and AI
  • Easy data import/export
  • Interface with tools like Excel
  • Robust security
  • Granular user permissions
Product screenshot

build more, do less.

Software development has stagnated. There are more tools and more talent than ever before, but predictability and reliability still elude the process of shipping software. Our new product, acorn , is the first step on our journey to engineer a solution to that problem.

Developing custom software is too costly, unpredictable, and incompatible to meet every business need for information today. But purely gluing together off-the-shelf components is to slowly commodify your own business, exposing yourself to the risk of substitution by the competitor with the most data. And tactical use of app-builders and low-code platforms trades short-term gain for long-term fragmentation, vendor lock-in, and integration problems.

We believe we have made a quantum leap in the process of building software. No one-of-a-kind platform with permanent lock-in, no homegrown programming languages without a talent-base, no proprietary database with legal question-marks, nothing but the engineering, standardization, and automation supported by our next-generation product, acorn.

Machine learning ready

Built with an eye to the future, acorn makes systems discoverable, data available, and integration possible.

People focused

The systems created by acorn are designed to empower and support users, rather than prescribing one true path.

Robot friendly

APIs, fallback user interfaces, and robust security make acorn a uniquely robust target for automation.

General purpose

Designed for more than a single application or industry, flexibility is built into the core DNA of acorn.


The guiding principle of acorn is the complexity is in the domain, so the technology should be mature.


Data in, data out, acorn won't stand in your way. Connect up spreadsheets, BI tools, websites, and mobile applications with ease.

With a solid foundation and an eye to the future, acorn is pre-packaged engineering maturity. Work with us and discover the benefits of our unique approach to software.

the bigger picture.

We aim to grow acorn to be the information architecture for your business. More than merely a collection of SaaS offerings that solve a problem in isolation, we want to give you a place where new hires can discover the nuances of your business, a central hub of business-critical data linked to all of your spreadsheets, mobile apps, and websites, a space you control that has all the information that analysts need to integrate AI capabilities directly into your operation. Follow our progress as we build that future.

  • 01. Develop

    We will use acorn to build software businesses rely on for day-to-day operations.

  • 02. Extend

    We want to transform acorn into a best-of-breed low-code platform, including a collection of ready-made microapps.

  • 03. Integrate

    We want to make acorn a central integration point for your business, with each unit managing their own information architecture.